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Andrea’s Experience

Andrea’s experience is what sets her apart in a crowded primary field. She doesn’t just hold progressive values – she has delivered progressive victories. She’s worked as a US congressional aide and policy advisor to three Members of Congress including Senator Harry Reid, Congressman Pete Stark, and Congresswoman Darlene Hooley. After serving as a congressional staffer for over a decade, Andrea became an advocate for unions, environmental groups, and reproductive rights organizations like the Oregon Environmental Council, NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon, Planned Parenthood Advocates of Oregon, SEIU Local 49, SEIU Local 503, Pineros Y Campesinos Unidos del Noroeste (PCUN), and more. She also served on the Oregon League of Conservation Voters Board for over 8 years.

In 2017, Andrea was appointed to represent House District 38 in the Oregon State Legislature. She quickly took on many leadership roles including House Majority Whip and was the Chair of the House Health Care Committee. As an advocate and a legislator, Andrea has been a champion for women and working families, fighting for — and winning — protections for women janitors who were being abused by their employers, and passing some of the nation’s most transparent drug pricing laws so families aren’t choosing between food and prescription drugs, along with laws curbing carbon pollution and phasing out dirty coal, and the strongest reproductive rights law in the country.

Andrea is the proud daughter of a Mexican immigrant and Vietnam War Veteran who taught her what it means to fight for your kids and a better life. She is the first person in her family to graduate from a four year university. She is running for Congress so that her 17 year old daughter, Amelia, and her generation have a chance at a better future in Oregon. Andrea is a progressive fighter who will continue to deliver for Oregonians.

Economic Justice

Andrea comes from a union family and knows the struggles working families face every day. As an advocate for multiple unions and as state legislator, she has been a champion for higher wages, better worker protections, and stronger benefits for working families. In Congress, she will fight for a $15 minimum wage, paid family and medical leave, and an even bigger social safety net for our communities. She will also work to win overtime pay for workers that aren’t currently eligible under the Fair Labor Standards Act and will be focused on creating a path to citizenship to provide opportunity for those who are thriving participants in our local communities and the US economy. She is a supporter of the PRO Act and will work hard to protect the rights of all workers. Andrea believes government policies need to level the playing field and provide opportunities for a strong working class and good-paying jobs – both critical to the long-term future of Oregon and our country.

Andrea is proud to have earned the endorsement of Service Employees International Union, Oregon Education Association, the Working Families Party of Oregon, and more.


As an Oregon League of Conservation Voters (OLCV) Board Member and advocate for multiple environmental organizations, Andrea has over a decade of experience tackling our climate crisis in Oregon. In Congress, Andrea will fight for the urgent action we need to protect our planet and natural resources. She knows we need to address climate change, but also focus on the profound and harmful impacts it has on low-income and BIPOC communities. Andrea wants to ensure that marginalized communities are provided with opportunities to prosper in a new, clean energy economy and not further harmed or marginalized by the impacts of climate change. Her approach to fighting climate change is simple: we must take bold steps, while making sure we create living wage jobs and not leave anyone behind in the process.

Andrea is proud to have earned the endorsement of OLCV and the League of Conservation Voters Action Fund and has been recognized as the climate champion in this race.

Affordable Health Care

As an advocate for unions and the Chair and Vice-Chair of the House Health Care Committee, Andrea knows what it takes to pass good health care policy that lowers the cost of care while also improving quality and health outcomes. She knows quality and affordable health care continue to be out-of-reach for so many families. She supports Medicare for All, and understands that a single-payer system is the most effective way to get that care to most Americans. But she knows in Congress, we need to do whatever it takes to increase access to affordable, high-quality care for as many people as possible immediately. Andrea believes health care is a human right and was a champion for Oregon’s Right to Healthcare Amendment. In the state legislature, Andrea helped lead Oregon through the COVID-19 pandemic as House Health Care Chair, and has passed health care legislation that has helped lower the price of prescription drugs and increased access to care for Oregon working families.

Andrea is proud to be endorsed by the Congressional Progressive Caucus PAC, Our Revolution Oregon, and other progressive organizations that prioritize increasing access to high quality, affordable care for all Oregonians.

Women's Right to Choose

Andrea has been a long-time reproductive rights champion. She’s worked as an advocate for NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon and Planned Parenthood Advocates of Oregon where she helped pass the country’s strongest reproductive rights law. She believes abortion and reproductive health care shouldn’t just be legal, but it needs to be affordable and accessible to as many people as possible. In Congress, Andrea will fight to codify the right to choose into law, and she will work to improve access to care for communities of color in particular. Andrea is an unapologetic champion for abortion access because reproductive care is health care. It is more important than ever that we elect a reproductive rights champion to Congress.

Andrea is proud to be the only candidate in the OR-06 race endorsed by Planned Parenthood Action Fund and PODER PAC, an organization that supports pro-choice Latina candidates.


Andrea knows many people are deeply concerned about the state of our democracy right now. Voting rights and our democratic institutions are under attack by people who continue to push lies and false information about the legitimacy and integrity of our elections. As a state legislator, Andrea has supported and championed many bills focused on expanding voting rights and reforming our campaign finance system. In Congress, she will focus on restoring protections for voting rights and our democratic institutions to ensure that we continue to build a diverse, inclusive, and representative democracy.

Andrea is proud to be endorsed by the Progressive Turnout Project, Honest Elections Action League, and other progressive organizations that aim to protect and expand voting rights and build a democracy that is inclusive of all people.

Gun Safety

As a mom, Andrea knows how scary it can be to feel like your children aren’t safe at school. She knows we need to take real action to pass common sense gun legislation in this country and make our communities safer. For years, she has worked alongside Moms Demand Action to make sure their voices have been heard at the state legislature. At the federal level, she will fight to pass common sense gun legislation like implementing universal background checks on gun sales, enacting a red flag law, disarming domestic abusers, reducing police violence, focusing on decreasing city gun violence, and holding the gun lobby accountable. The majority of Americans support common sense gun safety legislation, and Andrea will make sure to prioritize the safety of our communities in Congress.

Andrea is proud to be recognized as a Moms Demand Action Gun Sense Candidate.

Equity and Justice

In all of the work Andrea does, she does it with an equity lens. She’s always thinking: how can we bring marginalized voices to the table to get things done? As a state legislator, she has delivered a number of impressive progressive victories for often-underrepresented communities. She was the lead champion who passed Oregon’s historic Farmworker Overtime legislation and also passed a bill that recognized racism as a public health crisis. Her track record of fighting for what’s right has earned her the support of many trusted partners who know she will bring a strong and unique voice to Washington, DC on behalf of all of her constituents. Andrea is ready to head to Congress to fight for all people and provide progressive representation to the Willamette Valley.

Andrea is proud to be endorsed by many progressive organizations that value equity and justice including Pineros Y Campesinos Unidos del Noroeste (PCUN), Latino Network Action Fund, Working Families Party of Oregon, Latino Victory Fund, and many more.